FreeBSD links wrong library for tests if one is installed in $prefix

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Wed Jun 28 11:55:41 UTC 2017

Emmanuel Thomé <Emmanuel.Thome at> writes:

  freebsd's ld, which is a venerable GNU binutils 2.17.50 dated 2007-07-50
  (yes, I'm talking about the current freebsd), does not emit new dtags
  (runpath vs rpath) by default.
Ouch, I hadn't noticed that.

Our test environment includes many (virtualised) fbsd systems but they
might all have a non-archaic binutils installed in /usr/local.

The fbsd developers' GNU/Linux envy is projected at GPL hate which in
turn badly hurts their own system.  They are sure that the GPLs are
commercially non-viable in theory, and that GNU/Linux is 100 times more
successful in practice does not affect their theory faith.

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