register corruption under MS Windows / x86-64

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Fri Dec 15 00:20:29 UTC 2017

Updated GMP sources to r17506.
MPFR (r11929) builds with GMP using <mingw-w64|ICC on Windows|MSVC> with <Debug|Release> <Shared|Static> configurations finished successfully and all tests, including previously failed, passed for both libraries. Thank you for fix!

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Від кого: "Torbjörn Granlund" <tg at>
Дата: 15 грудня 2017, 01:00:42

  It is a flaw in our testing setup that this calling convention breach is
  not caught by the automated testing.  I will fix both bugs.  :-)
I have now pushed a fix for the mainline repo.  Testing would be

Improving test suite calling conventions checks (through
tests/x86call.asm) still needs to be done.

  Unfortunately the same issue might affect released versions of GMP.  It
  is not immediately clear, as all problem code lives in x86_64/fastsse,
  code which is then explicitly included from CPU specific subdirs.

This is still pending.

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