issues on gcc202

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu Aug 31 01:44:32 UTC 2017

tg at (Torbjörn Granlund) writes:

  This is not yet isolated.  It looks like a compiler or perhaps more
  likely a linker bug.  Last night I reverted another change which
  benefited gcc202, so now there will be more errors.
  I am not actively working on this issue, but I will probably isolate it
  at some point.

Alas, I got around to this now.

There were a number of problems:

1. The pseudo-insn setx didn't work on gcc202.  I worked around this by
   expanding the needed insn, and also to go with the 44-bit addressing
   model (instead of the expensive 64bit).  44-bit addrs is the default
   on both gcc202 and NetBSD 7.x at least.  (I suppose we should allow
   an configure option for this, but since my SPARC access is extremely
   limited I cannot test any such features. Besides, SPARC is not in
   much use.)

2. The relocs used for PIC in sparc32/sparc-defs.m4 fails on gcc202.  I
   updated with PICkier choices.

3. The C sec_invert and the Sparc T3 asm cnd_add_n/cnd_sub_n did not
   agree about how to specify the condition.  Should true be 1 or any
   non-zero value?  I decided for the latter and updated the asm.

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