assembly files on Solaris SPARC can only be processed with gcc

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Mon Aug 28 21:38:40 UTC 2017

On 8/28/17 5:36 PM, Torbjörn Granlund wrote:
> Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> writes:
>    somedays I don't include details and I get railed at .. other days I
>    do and I get railed at .. life goes on.
> Did Niels rail you?  I think that's a quite unfair assessment.  He's

no ... I jsut know that I can be verbose. isn't the first time.

> pointing out a central issue here, your snub is the attitude problem
> here, if any.

> (To iterate and ask for more information is normal in any softwware help
> situation.  To take such requests as critique is probably not the best
> strategy.)

I'm just trying to figure out how to squeeze some performance out of a 
few weird processor types.


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