assembly files on Solaris SPARC can only be processed with gcc

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Mon Aug 28 21:27:51 UTC 2017

On 8/28/17 5:21 PM, Niels Möller wrote:
> Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> writes:
>> On 8/28/17 4:41 PM, Niels Möller wrote:
>>> Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> writes:
>>>> The compiler sees that file gcd_1.asm as something unknown.
>>> That command is bogus.
>> I think you missed the point.
> Then please enlighten me? I'm trying to help, even though I have to
> admit that I didn't read carefully all of your 1000+ lines email. My
> points are that

somedays I don't include details and I get railed at .. other days I do 
and I get railed at .. life goes on.

> 1. Invoking any compiler with $(CC) ... -o foo.o foo.asm, like the
>     failing command you showed, is not expected to work.

yep .. I would think a foo.s is what is needed and as you say m4 had to
  pre-process the input from somewhere else first.

> 2. GMP's Makefiles are not expected to try to do that; if they do on
>     your platform, we'd need to figure out why.

sorry .. lost me there.

>>> That libgmpxx depends on libstdc++ is perfectly normal ..
>> Yes, if gcc is used then you end up with these dependencies.
>> That doesn't happen with the Oracle Studio 12.5 dev tools compilers.
> To clarify, I'd expect libgmpxx to depend on the C++ standard library
> supplied with the compiler used to build gmp.

This is all that is left as NEEDED in the output final libs :

v9_7++ $ elfdump -devl  /usr/local/lib/ | grep "NEED"
        [0]  NEEDED            0x2c4f    
       [12]  VERNEED           0x8520
       [13]  VERNEEDNUM        0x1

v9_7++ $ elfdump -devl /usr/local/lib/ | grep "NEED"
        [0]  NEEDED            0x229f    
        [1]  NEEDED            0x2283    
       [13]  VERNEED           0x3d20
       [14]  VERNEEDNUM        0x1

Very minimal.  Very very terribly slow.


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