GMP 6.1.1: Configure fails on MSYS/Windows 10 (Mingw64)

Niels Möller nisse at
Mon Oct 31 09:06:14 UTC 2016

Tomas Ukkonen <tomas.ukkonen at> writes:

> My binaries (gcc, nm,..) are in
> /c/Program Files/mingw-w64/...
> so I guess part of the problem is incorrect handling of spaces in pathnames.

Spaces are not really supported (and it's long time practice to use
space separation in Makefile, without extra quoting), so this is
unlikely to be fixed. It *might* work if all involved files can be
located without using absolute filenames in configure and Makefile.
E.g., $(CC) is intentionally expanded without quoting in the Makefile,
to support settings like CC="gcc -m64".


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