Running benchmarks -- "runbench" cannot find "gexpr" with my $PATH

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu May 12 18:45:37 UTC 2016

Will Galway <galway at> writes:

  Invoking runbench as "./runbench", on my first attempt I kept getting
  the message "./runbench: gexpr: not found". Looking at runbench I see
  that gexpr is invoked as "gexpr" and not as "./gexpr". Rightly or
  wrongly, but being paranoid, I do not include "." in my PATH variable.
  Of course, after editing runbench to substitute "./gexpr" for "gexpr"
  everything worked fine.
  I hate to call this a bug, but I found it to be infelicitous.  Perhaps
  runbench could be modified, or a few words could be added to the
  README file to indicate that you should have "." in your PATH
Don't you think people will work this out (like you did)?

The gmpbench web page tells people "To run the benchmarks, you also need
to compile gexpr.c and put it somewhere in your path."

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