Erro in libgmp when making fdk-aac

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Tue Jul 19 11:40:32 UTC 2016

Michael Fuckner <michael at> writes:

  I am using Fedora24 (umgraded from 23) on Intel G3900 (Skylake) and
  try to compile fdk-aac. Any help appreciated!


  libAACdec/src/aacdec_drc.cpp:137:3: internal compiler error: Illegal
     pParams->cut      = FL2FXCONST_DBL(0.0f);

  in dmesg I see (that's why I believe this problem is related to gmp):
  [87398.237931] traps: expr[13570] trap invalid opcode ip:7f542d3efa1b
  sp:7ffc3d9c3fe8 error:0 in[7f542d3b5000+92000]

I think this is really a problem with the chip, that CPUID claims
support for instructions which are actually clobbered with silicon

A BIOS upgrade might fix this, as BIOS can patch instructions like
CPUID.  Also, upgrading to GMP 6.1.1 should help, as we there blacklist
known faulty Intel chips.

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