Ship new config.guess file

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Mon Jan 4 18:55:57 UTC 2016


Il Lun, 4 Gennaio 2016 6:40 pm, Timothy Pearson ha scritto:
> The config.guess file currently shipping with GMP 6.1.0 is severely
> outdated (2012), leading to build failures on ppc64el due to not being
> able to detect the CPU and system type.  Updating the config.guess file
> to a modern version resolves these issues.
> Please update the config.guess file to the latest version available in
> the next GMP release.

Can you please send us the output printed by the following commands from
the GMP-6.1.0 source you are using?
./config.guess -t

Then also the output of
./config.guess -t
printed by the "modern version [that] resolves" your issue.



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