't-locale' test build failure using MinGW-W64

Marco Bodrato bodrato at mail.dm.unipi.it
Sat Jan 2 18:17:43 UTC 2016


Il Sab, 2 Gennaio 2016 7:51 am, sav_ix at ukr.net ha scritto:
> От кого: "Marc Glisse"

> IIUC, the goal is for the test to end up in
>    printf ("Test skipped, replacing localeconv/nl_langinfo doesn't
> work\n");
> if replacing localeconv is disabled on that platform? That seems sensible
> since the platform won't let us test what we want, and it is certainly
> better than failing to compile.

Marc is right, with the patch the test in tests/misc/t-locale.c will end
up printing the "Test skipped" message for MinGW.

Moreover the patch to tests/cxx allows compiling the tests for the C++ layer.

> But if all MinGW* compilers has its own 'localeconv' implementation and if
> my patch concerns only MinGW*, for what cases would work "printf ("Test
> skipped, replacing localeconv..."?

The test print that message for any system not allowing the replacement.
Now it prints the same message for MinGW too. It makes sense.



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