building gmp-6.1 for s390 (31-bit) w/asm disabled failing with undefined sdiv_qrnnd

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Fri Dec 9 19:20:08 UTC 2016

Mike Frysinger <vapier at> writes:

  now the __gmpn_udiv_w_sdiv symbol is exported based on the asm
  configure flag.  mpfr will link against it if it's available,
  and if you rebuild gmp w/asm disabled, then mpfr is left in a
  broken state until it gets rebuilt.  this can be a problem when
  gcc itself relies on gmp/mpfr now :).
  here's gmp-6.1.0 built w/--enable-asm:
  $ readelf -sW /usr/lib/ | grep udiv_w_sdiv
     439: 00025538   366 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT   10 __gmpn_udiv_w_sdiv
  here it's built w/--disable-asm:
  $ readelf -sW /usr/lib/ | grep udiv_w_sdiv

I don't see a solution to this within GMP.

When other packages rely on reverse engineering of GMP's internals, then
things such as this are bound to happen.

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