Inaccurate/inconsistent output from mpf_out_str

Leif Leonhardy not.really at
Fri Oct 30 13:37:46 UTC 2015

Yihang Ho wrote:
> Anyway, just curious, why is this even happening? AFAIK, I didn't have
> GMP installed (it's a fresh Ubuntu VM). In fact, before make install (or
> after make uninstall), my code won't even compile. After make install,
> my code compiles, but says version 6.0.0. After ldconfig, it it goes to
> 6.0.99. Any idea why 6.0.0 appears in the first place?

Well, you nowadays "always" have some (run-time) version of GMP
installed... :-) (because GCC needs it since quite a while)

Its headers usually belong to a separate "development package" of GMP,
so your code won't compile if you uninstall that; the system's run-time
libraries remain (perhaps unless you uninstall GCC and the like as well
-- but UNIX always shipped with a C compiler in order to be able to
[re]compile the kernel).


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