GMP 6.1.0 release candidate available

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Wed Oct 28 22:32:24 UTC 2015

Ciao Paul,

Il Mer, 28 Ottobre 2015 5:53 pm, paul zimmermann ha scritto:
>> A release candidate for GMP 6.1.0 is available for download here:
>> If no problems arise, we plan to release GMP 6.1.0 next Wednesday.
> this is a short time for users to give feedback!

You mean that there is a bug in the release process :-) Probably you are
right, but don't worry... some problems arose, as a consequence there will
be a delay, so we will heal both code and process bugs :-)

> I was able to compile and run the test suites of GMP-ECM, MPFR and

Great, thanks!

> A few comments:

> * mini-gmp.c still does not provide gmp_version
> * mini-gmp.h still does not provide __GNU_MP_VERSION,

mini-gmp is not GMP... it can not mimic all the features of the main
library, and it can not pretend it is equivalent to any given version of
the library...

> gmp_randstate_t and GMP_NUMB_BITS

No *rand* supported by mini-gmp, yet
About GMP_NUMB_BITS, no configure step is provided for mini-gmp, and using
a formula (like #define GMP_NUMB_BITS (8*sizeof(mp_limb_t)) ) is not
coherent with the definition in gmp.h ...

> * mpz_div_2exp would be welcome in mini-gmp too

I can't find this function in the manual. If you mean mpz_fdiv_q_2exp, you
will find it in mini-gmp too!

Thanks for the report!


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