TMP_* defines for gmp 6.1.0 build broken in ./generic subdir

Michael Jones michael.jones28206.sf at
Sat Nov 14 00:27:23 UTC 2015

The gmp-impl.h header has TMP_* defines as conditionals, but the use
throughout some code (for instance, the generic branch) does not match
the conditional expressions.


#define TMP_SDECL
#define TMP_DECL		struct tmp_reentrant_t *__tmp_marker
<lines excluded>
#define TMP_FREE							\
<lines excluded>

<lines excluded>
mpn_divisible_p (mp_srcptr ap, mp_size_t an,
		 mp_srcptr dp, mp_size_t dn)
  mp_limb_t  alow, dlow, dmask;
  mp_ptr     qp, rp, tp;
  mp_size_t  i;
  mp_limb_t di;
  unsigned  twos;
====>>>  TMP_DECL;    **where's the #if ???

  ASSERT (an >= 0);
  ASSERT (an == 0 || ap[an-1] != 0);
  ASSERT (dn >= 1);

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