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Fri Jul 17 15:03:56 UTC 2015

a b <tripivceta at> writes:

  GMP version: 6.0.0a`__gmpn_sub_n+0x20(8c3d8, 1, fffff422, 8cfd0, fffffa11, ffffe844)`__gmpn_dcpi1_divappr_q+0x47c(8ac1c, 87ea4, 5f0, 8ac34, 8c3d8, ffbff898)`__gmpn_div_q+0xc5c(87ea4, db9a4, 1ff, 8ac34, ffffffff, 8b810)`__gmpz_tdiv_q+0x454(ffbffa04, ffbffa34, ffbff954, 68f3c, 515f4, 2f7)
  main+0x340(ffbffa28, ffbffa34, ffbffa10, ffbffa1c, 29194, ffbffa40)
  _start+0xd8(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
I suspect the runtime linker on your systems finds a quite old GMP
instead of your newly compiled one.  10.2 looks like GMP 5.0.2.

You may check what lives in .libs in your build dir.  Surely not

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