GMP-6.0.0 Fails Test Suite Using enable-cxx flag with icc

Ricky Farr refarr at
Thu Aug 6 05:09:28 UTC 2015

I just wanted to report that I encountered an issue not by compiling
GMP-6.0.0, but using the test suite after compiling.  The version was not
patched at all, and directly downloaded from tonight.

My machine is an intel i5-haswell running Ubuntu 14.04.2 and using Intel
Compiler version 15.0.1 (gcc 4.9.0 compatible).  The environment variables
for the compiler were set as CC=icc and CXX=icc.  The configure flags used

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-static --enable-cxx

I was able to compile the library, but when I used "make check -j4" I
failed one test.  The relevant output from the test suite is given below.
Note that I was able to compile and pass all tests by removing the
--enable-cxx configure flag.

make[4]: Leaving directory `usr/local/gmp-6.0.0/tests/cxx'
make  check-TESTS
make[4]: Entering directory `usr/local/gmp-6.0.0/tests/cxx'
PASS: t-binary
PASS: t-cast
PASS: t-cxx11
PASS: t-headers
PASS: t-iostream
PASS: t-istream
PASS: t-locale
PASS: t-misc
PASS: t-mix
PASS: t-ops
FAIL: t-ops2
PASS: t-ops3
PASS: t-ostream
PASS: t-prec
PASS: t-ternary
PASS: t-unary
PASS: t-do-exceptions-work-at-all-with-this-compiler
PASS: t-assign
PASS: t-constr
PASS: t-rand
1 of 20 tests failed

As a side note, using the intel compiler for my set up more than doubles
the speed compared to compiling with gcc. Also with no special compile
flags set except defaults determined by gmp during configuration.  If you'd
like me to present benchmark comparisons, please let me know.



Ricky Eugene Farr
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Mathematics Department

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