Report of failure in building GMP

Leif Leonhardy not.really at
Thu Apr 30 22:29:37 UTC 2015

Marc Glisse wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Apr 2015, H.Hiro wrote:
>> /bin/bash: 5 行: 30807 Illegal instruction     ${dir}$tst
>> FAIL: t-get_d
> [...]
>> /bin/bash: 5 行: 31523 Illegal instruction     ${dir}$tst
>> FAIL: t-div
>> /bin/bash: 5 行: 31546 Illegal instruction     ${dir}$tst
>> FAIL: t-bdiv
> [...]

Well, this pretty much smells like running in a VM that doesn't support
or allow AVX instructions (Jaguar /does/ support).

(Exactly the same tests failed with SIGILL recently in a Xen 4.1 VM
where AVX was disabled, or more precisely, not enabled [1] [2].)



If you try a *snapshot* as Marc suggested, you could try configuring with

  ./configure --prefix=$HOME/local --build=jaguarnoavx-linux-gnu

in order to suppress AVX instructions; unfortunately this does *not*
work with the /stable/ (6.0.0) release [3].




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