GMP 6.0.0a on AMD A8-6600K

Kevin Buckley kevin.m.buckley at
Wed Apr 8 21:55:44 UTC 2015

> Could you try with a recent snapshot from ?


> You seem to assme that compilation command are error messages.  Or else,
> you suppress some error message and leave it to us to guess what might
> have happened.  We're good at aritgmetic over here, but terrible
> guessers.   :-)

It's the "Or else".

Apologies - I have left out the most imporatant part !

Suffice to say that I ran the make check with a -k and saw a
swathe of

Illegal Instruction

outputs, from tests across the suite. The mpn/t-get_d I flagged up is
just the first to fail

I'll try again tonight (errors on a box a at home) and send you the full

Bare with me: I am not normally this poor!

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