6.0.0a -Fails to build on my powerpc box (debian wheezy)

Richard Biener rguenther at suse.de
Wed Mar 26 13:22:47 UTC 2014

On Wed, 26 Mar 2014, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:

> Richard Biener <rguenther at suse.de> writes:
>   processor: 0
>   cpu: POWER7 (raw), altivec supported
>   clock: 3300.000000MHz
>   note that the builds run inside KVM virtual machines (so you see what
>   qemu tells the system it should masquerade as).
>   gmp concludes at the end of configure
>   [   44s]   Version:           GNU MP 6.0.0
>   [   44s]   Host type:         power7-unknown-linux-gnu
>   [   44s]   ABI:               mode64
>   [   44s]   Install prefix:    /usr
>   [   44s]   Compiler:          gcc -std=gnu99
>   [   44s]   Static libraries:  yes
>   [   44s]   Shared libraries:  yes
> And then it fails to pick up mpn/powerpc64/mode64/p7/gmp-mparam.h?  Or
> did you tell qemu to wear a different masquerade outfit for the failing
> builds?

Well, I don't control the build bots (and the failing machine could
have been a power6 host as well, for example).  But I've seen that
for example gmp thinks that it builds for a 64 bit ABI unless
I specify --host=i586-linux-gnu when running inside a 32bit virtual
machine on a 64bit host (because /proc/cpuinfo obviously shows a
64bit capable cpu).  Maybe GMP is trying to be a bit too clever here?
What's wrong with using ./config.guess results, at least for
--enable-fat binaries?  Thus, does the above (power7) mean that
I get power7 code generated by default?  Mind that the machine I am
building on is _not_ necessarily the lowest common dominator that
I want gmp to be able to run on.


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