gmp.h needs to detect bit width more dynamically to support universal builds on mac

Steve M. Robbins steve at
Tue Jan 7 20:33:05 UTC 2014

On January 6, 2014 05:38:33 PM Dan Kegel wrote:
> So, I've bumped up against this again.
> I think that Torbjorn's position (that one should let the operating system's
> multiarch machinery handle different .h files for different architectures)
> is fine when it's available.
> But that mechanism is not present on all operating systems, nor in some
> simplified homebrew toolchains, so it's worth looking at how one might
> handle the problem without it.
> One approach would be to make a trivial wrapper .h file that selects between
> the two installed .h files using the preprocessor
> to select the right version.  That's probably what I'll end up doing,
> since it requires the least thought.

That's how I was doing the packaging for Debian linux until recently and it 
works quite well.  I stole it from Red Hat so I presume it worked for them, 


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