1 of 58 test failed gcc-4.9 rc1 -- t-scan segmentation fault

leif not.really at online.de
Sun Apr 13 21:48:04 UTC 2014

Kyle Bentley wrote:
> On 04/13/2014 01:52 PM, Marc Glisse wrote:
>> On Sun, 13 Apr 2014, Kyle Bentley wrote:
>>> I was testing the April 11 release candidate of gcc 4.9, and one of the
>>> test (make check) had failed.  I was told by my terminal to report to
>>> here, so I am.  Here is the relevant section:
>> Please read:
>> https://gmplib.org/manual/Reporting-Bugs.html
>> I am pretty sure you are using an old version of GMP.
> It seems you are correct.  I wanted to build a completely standalone
> version of gcc-4.9 to test, so I used the
> /src/contrib/download-prerequisites script located in the gcc source.
> It appears to be version 4.3.2 as can be seen from the wget link inside
> that script
> (ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/infrastructure/gmp-4.3.2.tar.bz2).  Before I
> provide a more thorough bug report, I'll try an updated version of gmp.

For the long ago fixed bug in just GMP's test suite (not the library) 
you most probably ran into, see 
https://gmplib.org/repo/gmp/rev/966737bd91ed .

> However, I feel that if gcc-4.9 provides that link in the source, it
> should build as expected.  Do you recommend filing a report to update
> the link/ broken build with those sources?

Well, the build presumably isn't broken, just GMP 4.3.2's test suite is.

IIRC 4.3.2 is just the /minimal/ version GCC requires, so they link to / 
offer that, instead of more or less frequently updating it to the latest 
version (which may also trigger new bugs).

But it would probably make sense to use some more recent version, to 
avoid potential confusion as we've seen here.

On the other hand, the links they provide are meant for /bootstrapping/ 
GCC, not really something you are expected to (re)build/test 
/afterwards/.  (Once you have a working GCC installed, you should build 
and install recent versions of GMP/MPFR/MPC, and of course run their 
test suites before installing them.)


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