Problems building on HP-UX 11.31/IA

Niels Möller nisse at
Mon Sep 2 15:06:49 CEST 2013

Albert Chin <gmp-bugs at> writes:

> Thanks. That helped things out. I've attached my patch to
> mpn/ia64/aors_n.asm and the tmp-add_n.s generated by it. With these
> changes, we're down to the following failures:

Have you made any further progress? If you can get it to work following
given suggestions, I'd be happy to check in a patch for hpux support.
Since I don't really understand the ia64 things, I'd need you to also
perform the following additional tests.

1. Compile 5.1.2, unmodified, using gcc and gas.

2. Compile your modified version, again using gcc and gas.

3. Compile your modified version using hpux tools.

4. Double check that all ia64 assembly files are compiled into the same
   object code in all three cases.

The changes are expected to affect assembler syntax only.


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