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Simon Lazenby sjlazenby at
Thu May 16 21:29:30 CEST 2013

Hi gmp-bugs,
Could you take a look at the patch file I have attached to this note.

I have been having trouble with shared lib support on Apple OS X 10.5.8 (ppc),
Specifically duplicate symbols then later on (when building nettle 2.6)
I encountered Undefined symbols (not of required architecture).

The patch fixes the duplicate symbols and also adds a pkg-config file into
the mix (you will need to run autoreconf to get it into the Makefile).
cd gmp-5.1.1
patch -p1 < ../osx.patch

Could you also alter your manual web page:

from ...
"MacOS X (‘*-*-darwin*’)
    Libtool currently only knows how to create shared libraries on MacOS X using the
    native cc (which is a modified GCC), not a plain GCC. A static-only build should work though (‘--disable-shared’)."

to ...
"MacOS X (‘*-*-darwin*’)
    If you are using a 32 bit version of MacOS X (10.5.8 or lower) then you should ensure that you configure with:
    ./configure ABI=mode32
this will get around the "Undefined symbols (not of required architecture)" problem.
OS X 10.6 builds as 64 bit by default so should not need the ABI variable set.

I have successfully run "make check" and successfully built nettle 2.6 with gmp support included.
many thanks
Simon Lazenby
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