3 failures in make check, cxx, gmp 5.1.1, Solaris 10

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Mon Mar 18 02:23:25 CET 2013

Marc Girod <marc.girod at gmail.com> writes:

  It may be narrowed to 'exceptions thrown from shared libraries
  are not caught on several platforms' (I have seen mentions of AIX,
  x86_64, and Solaris...)
  One report mentioned 4.5, and I confirm that my build passed
  using 4,3,3 (but later--in mpfr--, I had to disable threads...)
4.5?  4,3,3?  What are you talking about here?

  I am trying to build a version of gcc with which I could build a recent Perl.

Is that related to what we're talking about here?


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