Failure running make check under wine for mingw cross-compile

Andy Wingo wingo at
Mon Mar 11 22:30:15 CET 2013


On Mon 11 Mar 2013 21:47, bodrato at writes:

>>     ../../../tests/misc/t-scanf.c:1495: GNU MP assertion failed: ret ==
>> (-1)
>>     abnormal program termination
>>     FAIL: t-scanf.exe
> Can you please try the attached (quick and dirty) patch? If it allows the
> tests to pass, it means that the sscanf of mingw+wine does not return the
> expected value and this impact on gmp_sscanf. A similar problem was seen
> on powerpc7450-apple-darwin7.0.0, and we work around it by simply
> disabling the failing test on the systems whose sscanf fails.

Thanks for following up; with this patch, the tests pass for me.  I
don't know who's responsible for the bad sscanf return though.



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