Failure running make check under wine for mingw cross-compile

Niels Möller nisse at
Sat Mar 9 19:21:04 CET 2013

Andy Wingo <wingo at> writes:

> I tried to debug it but I don't understand the cross-debug toolchain
> well enough.

One trick that sometimes is useful: Manually insert a breakpoint in the
source of the function you want to debug (asm("int $3") or something
like that). Then run wine under your *native* gdb, and it will stop at
the right place, and you can single step, examine registers and memory,
etc. Might be difficult to get gdb to find the corresponding source
files, though.

> Anyway, thought you would like to know.  Cheers.

Thanks. I also have no clear idea on how to debug it, unfortunately. I
have successfully tested 32-bit windows builds of gmp under wine
earlier, but I haven't been persistent enough to get 64-bit wine
properly setup.


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