[PATCH 0 of 1] Enable building on MSYS/Cygwin shell using nativeGCC when configure executed via abs path.

Ray Donnelly mingw.android at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 13:33:36 CEST 2013

If you save the patch to patch.txt then the commands should be:

cd gmp-5.1.2
patch -p1 < patch.txt


On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Sisyphus <sisyphus at dodo.com.au> wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Ray Donnelly"
>> Can you please
>> try my testcase and post your config.log?
> Well .. it actually involves quite a lot of stuffing about for me to do
> that.
> My ISP's technicians broke my satellite broadband connectivity last Thursday
> night, and haven't yet restored it. As an interim measure I'm using a
> dial-up connection on an old (non-networked) Windows 2000 box.
> The internet connection frequently disconnects, and I'm transferring files
> to my Windows 7 box via a USB stick.
> I also never seem to get "patch" commands to work.
> I was therefore waiting to see whether the gmp developers did, in fact,
> agree with your assertion that this is something that should be addressed. I
> didn't want to spend time checking this patch out if they had no intentions
> of doing anything about it anyway.
> Alas, no indications (yet) one way or the other wrt that.
> I'm not so worried about checking whether the patch works as you claim -
> I'll happily take your word for that. But (in the event that the developers
> would contemplate using it) I'd like to verify that it doesn't break
> anything for my builds of gmp and mpfr.
> So ... having transferred the patch file across to my Windows 7 box, what's
> the command that I run in order to apply that patch (using msys's patch.exe)
> ?
> Cheers,
> Rob

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