Documentation of mpn_gcd and overlap

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at
Sun Jan 13 14:46:08 CET 2013


the documentation says:

Function: mp_size_t mpn_gcd (mp_limb_t *rp, mp_limb_t *xp, mp_size_t xn, 
mp_limb_t *yp, mp_size_t yn)

     Set {rp, retval} to the greatest common divisor of {xp, xn} and {yp, 
yn}. The result can be up to yn limbs, the return value is the actual 
number produced. Both source operands are destroyed.

     It is required that xn >= yn > 0, and the most significant limb of 
{yp, yn} must be non-zero. No overlap is permitted between {xp, xn} and 
{yp, yn}.

I am surprised at such a no-overlap requirement between the inputs. Is it 
meant to forbid overlaps with {rp, *} instead? Or am I missing a reason 
why overlap of inputs can cause problems?

Marc Glisse

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