[PPL-devel] [Bug Report] GMP and PPL mismatches

Roberto Bagnara bagnara at cs.unipr.it
Thu Jan 3 21:34:11 CET 2013

On 01/03/13 12:47, Chia-Hsun Cheng wrote:
>      2.  < Static data member name mismatches >
>           ppl-1.0/src/mp_std_bits.defs.hh:72 and ppl-1.0/src/mp_std_bits.defs.hh:133 defines
>   static const bool tininess_before = false;
>                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>           However, in
>           gmp-5.1.0/gmpxx.h:3302 and gmp-5.1.0/gmpxx.h:3339, there are
>   static const bool tinyness_before = false;
>                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   Problem:
>   I am not sure if the two data member are the same. Since I commented out the whole block of
>   numeric_limits in ppl-1.0/src/mp_std_bits.defs.hh in the last step, the member `tininess_before'
>   cannot be resolved.
>   Fix:
>   Finally, I add
>   static const bool tininess_before = false;
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   in gmp-5.1.0/gmpxx.h:3303 and gmp-5.1.0/gmpxx.h:3341
>   and add member initialization
>   const bool numeric_limits<T>::tininess_before; \
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   in gmp-5.1.0/cxx/limits.cc:47
>   and rebuild the gmp library.
>   So, for PPL library, even if the code for numeric_limits is commented out, the declarations and object
>   code can be found from GMP library.

Dear Chia-Hsun,

Marco Bodrato (thanks Marco!) made me notice I overlooked this part
of your message.  Indeed this is a bug in the PPL: the right spelling
is `tinyness_before' as correctly written in GMP.  I have just fixed
the Git version of the PPL and a new PPL 1.1 snapshot release will soon
be added to the location I already indicated.
Kind regards,


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