GMP 5.1.1: Valgrind reports incorrect read in __gmpn_copyd (called from __gmpz_mul_2exp)

Leif Leonhardy not.really at
Sat Feb 23 13:02:15 CET 2013

Marc Glisse wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Feb 2013, bodrato at wrote:
>> By the way, is there a way to ask malloc a 16-byte-aligned block?
> No, there is aligned_alloc (C 2011), (posix_)memalign, _aligned_malloc,
> etc, with varying availability. malloc was supposed to return memory
> sufficiently aligned for all types, but then they invented over-aligned
> types...

Is there any reasonable system nowadays that doesn't have posix_memalign()?


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