GMP 5.1.1 make check fail on Solaris 11

ken mays maybird1776 at
Sun Feb 17 16:38:21 CET 2013


Testing gmp-5.1.1 with Oracle Sun Studio 12.1 on Oracle Solaris 11

export CC='cc -xc99 -fast'
export CXX="CC -library=stlport4 -fast -m64"

$ ./configure  ABI=64  --prefix=/usr/local --enable-cxx --enable-fat --disable-static

I fixed the remaining cxx make check issue doing this:
1. patched gmp-5.1.1/tests/cxx/, change #include <cmath> to #include <math.h>

My total patches for gmp-5.1.1 using Oracle Solaris Studio 12.1 were:
1. cxx/ - replace #include <cstdarg> with #include <stdarg.h>2. Fixed mpn/*def with GCC .protected visibility flag for SS 12.1 assembler (fbe) handling.
3. tests/cxx/ - replace #include <cmath> with #include <math.h>

make check - all tests 100% PASS !!
gmp-5.1.1/tests/cxx - 100% PASS !!

PASS: t-assign
PASS: t-binary
PASS: t-cast
PASS: t-constr
PASS: t-cxx11
PASS: t-headers
PASS: t-iostream
PASS: t-istream
PASS: t-locale
PASS: t-misc
PASS: t-mix
PASS: t-ops
PASS: t-ops2
PASS: t-ops3
PASS: t-ostream
PASS: t-prec
PASS: t-rand
PASS: t-ternary
PASS: t-unary
All 19 tests passed

No further work is needed in this case. Please test using CXX='CC -library=stdcxx4' for future 
support of Oracle Solaris >= 10u10 and Oracle Studio 12.x compilers. 

I can assist, if needed.

Ken Mays

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