get_d_2exp test failures: clang -emit-llvm/-flto/-O4; icc -ipo/-fast

Niels Möller nisse at
Tue Aug 20 15:14:05 CEST 2013

bathtubdev <bathtubdev at> writes:

> The bug is in the configure script, where it tries to grep an object
> to determine the floating point format; it fails because the object
> file, well, isn't a (traditional) object file.

There are two problems, it seems.

The first is the configure script. For the non-crosscompiling case, it
should be straightforward to check the floating point format by
executing a test program. To improve the test also when cross-compiling
seems a bit trickier. Somehow dropping all optimization flags might be a
working approach. Ideally, one should keep ABI-changing flags in a
variable different from CFLAGS (possibly in CC), and then one could drop
all of CFLAGS for this test. Listing known optimization flags in a sed
command seems a bit brittle.

Second problem is the ! FORMAT_RECOGNIZED case in mpn/get_d.c, maybe it
could be fixed to be more robust.


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