assembler error building GMP 5.0.2 under iOS

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Mar 14 08:49:41 CET 2012

David Jao <djao at> writes:

  > Nothing forces you to use GNU software, but if you do, you are legally
  > bound by the license (which is the legal entity that gives you the right
  > to use GNU software).
  > I am not somehow implying that you are in breach of the license, but
  > your idea that you may use GNU software without accepting its terms is a
  > misconception.
  This is somewhat off-topic but it is important to clear this up for the
  purposes of accepting this patch. The text of the GPLv3 itself says, and
  I quote verbatim (section 9):
  "You are not required to accept this License in order to receive or
  run a copy of the Program."
  That is, the GPL itself says very plainly that an end user is not
  required to accept the GPL in order to run the program. One may, in
  fact, *use* a GPL program without accepting the terms of the GPL for
  that program. The GPL only covers distribution activities.
Well, sure.

The text you are quoting is part of the license.  That text gives you
certain rights and obligations.  Only that text gives you those rights,
as "all rights reserved" is the (nasty) default.

I agree that there is a certain self contradiction in a text that says
it can be ignored.  :-)

There are weirdo licenses out there which allow you to compile and run a
program but puts firm restrictions on making modifications, even private
ones.  Luckily the GNU license allows you to modify the source (actually
encourages that!) which is therfore explicitly allowed by the license
text you are taking advantage of and are bound by.


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