assembler error building GMP 5.0.2 under iOS

David Jao djao at
Wed Mar 14 06:01:07 CET 2012

> I am afraid that GMP does not support iOS and I do not intend to work on
> it.
> This is a platform that requires annual taxes to Apple to be programmed.
> The resulting code will not work on other devices unless more tax is
> paid to Apple, and is then ot allowed unless Apple likes it.  I don't
> see how it can be compatible with the GPL licenses.

The fix in this case is really simple, just a one-line change to
mpn/arm/invert_limb.asm, plus the necessary autoconf magic to leave the
code unchanged for other platforms. A patch against gmp-5.0.4 is
attached. The patch also applies against the trunk. I understand that
you don't want to work on iOS or support it, but since I am giving you
the patch ... would you consider including it?

Regarding GPL compatibility, an individual end user is not required to
accept the terms of the GPL, as long as they don't distribute the
resulting software at all. So I think this patch would still be useful
for some end users. (The patch itself is trivial enough that I don't
believe it qualifies for copyright protection.)

This has been tested on arm-apple-darwin11.0.0 and
armv5tel-linux-gnueabi. All tests pass with make check. (Also, there's
probably a better way to do this. I don't know autoconf very well.)


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