groan…. 2 of 58 tests failed - gmp-4.3.2

Joerg Arndt arndt at
Mon Jun 4 20:07:52 CEST 2012

* Daniel Bertrand <danieljamesbertrand at> [Jun 04. 2012 19:13]:
> How about telling me how to fix it?

Pro tip: read the answer in whole, even though it
consists of more than eight words.

>  [...]

Let me help you.
The sentence in question has three parts:

> > My crystal ball tells me you are using Apple products,

I assume this one is spot on, correct?

> > and you would get less trouble with
[...Now be prepared for hints toward solving the problem!...]

> > a more recent version of gmp
Have you tried that?

> > and/or

> > a true gcc compiler.
...or that?

Best,   jj

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