Wrong syntax in mpn/vax

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Tue Jul 17 12:30:03 CEST 2012

<Paul_Koning at Dell.com> writes:

  I ran into two more issues when I tried "make check".  There's a bug
  in the NetBSD/vax library loader (ld.elf_so) that affects two of the
  assembly language files.


  Also, there were too many underscores in the function names in those
  files.  The attached diff is the consolidated change for all this.

I suppose Ultrix is long dead, so we can ignore it?  At any rate, we
should use the .asm style and let GMP's configure system tack on any
needed underscores.  (We could also let an vax/elf.m4 prepend the %
signs to register names.)

  With those changes, I can run "make check".  It fails one test, the
  other 32 work.  The failing test is for mpn_get_d.  The reason for the
  failure is that it goes through a code path that assumes IEEE float,
  and VAX isn't using IEEE.  There seems to be code in get_d.c for
  non-IEEE, but that is in the #else path of a #if 1 statement...
The non-IEEE code is probably suffering from bitrot, since it hasn't
been tested for a very long time.  I'd like it to be correct, but I
won't work on it any time soon (due to lack of time and lack of working

Perhaps you could work with the NetBSD team to make sure the upcoming
6.0 relesase works with simh?  At least, it would be nice if you could
make sure the bugs that you have found gets fixed.


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