Bug in gmpbench-0.2 when building under Windows with msys/MinGW(32 or 64)

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Thu Dec 27 09:45:46 CET 2012

"Lance W. Patterson" <lwjudd at windstream.net> writes:

  The check of which header files to include for the cputime() function does not properly check for MinGW on Windows, so it will include the headers from "#else".  This is in every source benchmark file.
  The following modification will address that problem.
  #if !defined (__sun) \
      && (defined (USG) || defined (__SVR4) || defined (_UNICOS) \
  	|| defined (__hpux) \
  	|| (defined(__WIN32__) && defined(__MINGW32__)))
  "__WIN32__" and "__MINGW32__" are defined for both "MinGW/msys" and "MinGW64/msys".  This is not an issue with Cygwin nor should the update affect it.
Without that change, what exactly happens?


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