gmp-5.1.0-RC2 in connexion with GCC builds

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Mon Dec 17 11:33:21 CET 2012

Denis Excoffier <cygwin at> writes:

  Please consider some more dialogue with GCC people: at least in
  GCC-4.7.2 (the last stable version) and in the last GCC-4.8 snapshot
  (in both, see at top level), gmp is configured with
  --host=none-..., and this seems incompatible with your new
  AC_MSG_ERROR([the \"none\" host is obsolete, use --disable-assembly])
I put back 'none' as an allowable CPU but print a warning.
  When i modify gcc-4.7.2/ to use --host=${host_alias} etc. i
  also fall into the now expected ".../libgmp.a(mod_34lsub1.o), in
  section __TEXT,__const reloc 0: etc." message (i use darwin12.2.0).
We have worked around that problem.


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