troubles with gmp

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Thu Apr 19 14:55:05 CEST 2012

Soumia Sefsafi <soumia.sefsafi at> writes:

  Thanks for your help, actually i want to install gcc-4.2 but to do
  that in the documentation of gcc i found that to build it i need GMP,
  MPFR and/or MPC. I really don't understand.
I see two possible paths:

Upgrade to a later "Xcode", then compile the GCC prerequsites together
with a newer FSF GCC.  (I.e., do what the gcc install manual says, put
gmp an mpfr inside the gcc source tree.)


Install an old FSF GCC that does not need GMP (I cannot recall when the
GMP dependency was introduced, but 4.0.x should be OK).  Then use that
compiler to compile a current FSF GCC (again with gmp and mpfr inside
the source tree).

GCC compilation is not the subject of this list, so please move this
thread to the appropriate GCC list.


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