Issue on windows build (mingw64)

bodrato at bodrato at
Wed Apr 18 07:52:59 CEST 2012


> Issue 1
> Is related to latest changes in "mpz/bin_uiui.c" . The actual issue is an
> assertion failure in tests/mpz/t-bin

> sbpi1_bdiv_q.c:81: GNU MP assertion failed: np[0] == 0

The assert was wrongly placed, it should work now.

> Stack trace at the assertion point
> #0  __gmp_assert_fail (filename=0x6ada6627 "sbpi1_bdiv_q.c", linenum=81,
> expr=0x6ada6650 "np[0] == 0") at ../gmp-hg/assert.c:45
> #1  0x000000006ad626e8 in __gmpn_sbpi1_bdiv_q (qp=0x22fac8, np=0x22fac0,
> nn=3, dp=0x22fa00, dn=3, dinv=1833607634379141975) at sbpi1_bdiv_q.c:81
> #2  0x000000006acd2ea1 in mpz_bdiv_bin_uiui (r=0x22fd80, n=142, k=71) at
> ../../gmp-hg/mpz/bin_uiui.c:277

Thank you very much for this detailed trace!

Best Regards,


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