Issue on windows build (mingw64)

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue Apr 17 22:45:41 CEST 2012

Vlad Gabriel <clampi at> writes:

  I can confirm issue 2 was fixed with revision 14840:dc13f686713f.


  However, for mpn/x86_64/fastsse/lshiftc-movdqu2.asm, I strongly
  suggest to preserve %xmm7 across function call;

Thanks for spotting this!  I changed the code to use a caller-saves
register instead.

(We don't have calling convention enforcement code for DOS64 yet, as we
have for ELF64 and Darwin, see amd64call.asm and amd64check.c.  It would
catch this sort of problems.)

  Regarding issue 3, un-commenting those statements made a lot of test
  fail throughout with SIGSEV. I tried debugging some, but fail to
  understand why they crash, as I had trouble understanding the renaming
  macros purpose. As a note, although I do have the impression that some
  pop's are missing from the epilogue, the crash happens in function
  itself, not when the return is encountered. Please advise if you have
  more thoroughly investigations steps on how to further debug the

I don't know any better method than "code staring" for this sort of
issues; I'd run it through m4 and look at the output.


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