assembler error building GMP 5.0.2 under iOS

Stuart Ambler sambler at
Tue Sep 27 19:56:15 CEST 2011

Thanks for your wonderful library.

Goal was to build gcc 4.6.1 under iOS, and thus its prerequisite GMP, 
from  Used ssh via 
wifi to an iPhone 3GS, version 4.2.1 (8C148), Model MB499LL, jailbroken 
with PwnageTool version 4.2, development tools from Cydia (see below, *).

tar -xzvf, cd gmp-5.0.2, ./configure --prefix=/var/stash, make failed, 
apparently the assembler complained about an error in the .s file.

The attached gmpbugtxt.tar.gz contains 9 text files, output from 
configure and make, from the 4 programs requested run by, config.m4, and
mpn/tmp-invert_limb.s (in the tar file this file is not in a 
subdirectory); and on my own initiative, version information reported by as.

* Cydia packages installed included among others: autoconf, automake, 
base structure, bison, bootstrap commands, bourne-again shell, bzip2, 
core utilities, core utilities (/bin) , csu, curl, darwin cc tools, 
darwin tools, developer-cmds, ed, essential, fake libgcc, find 
utilities, flex, gawk, gettext, glib, gnu c compiler, gnu debugger, gmp 
(cydia package 4.2.2-1, on disk libgmp.3.4.2.dylib, older than mpc 
configure will accept), grep, gzip, libffi, m4, make, new curses, 
openssh, openssl, pcre (no perl though), python, sed, shell-cmds, 
structured grep, sudo.
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