gmp-5.0.2 installation in Solaris 10

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Sep 14 13:51:15 CEST 2011

"WEY, CHERN L" <cw3461 at> writes:

  While running 'make check' during installation, we yield Fatal Errors;
  done; \
  dot_seen=no; \
  target=`echo check-recursive | sed s/-recursive//`; \
  list='. devel mpn mpz mpq mpf rand misc cxx mpbsd'; for subdir in $list; do \
    echo "Making $target in $subdir"; \
    if test "$subdir" = "."; then \
      dot_seen=yes; \
      local_target="$target-am"; \

  Please advise what could be the problem(s).
We cannot help from seeing that snipped of shell script.  (Does you
'make' program actually printa that on the screen?)  You need to tell us
exactly what you've done, which tools you use, and what is then output.
Please read before you
follow up.


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