fixlet for tests/tests.h

Marco Trudel marco at
Thu Oct 13 12:13:34 CEST 2011

Let me add some more explanation to show why I think the code is wrong. 
Two excerpts from "tests/tests.h":

count = strtol (argv[1], &end, 0);
if (*end || count <= 0)
   fprintf (stderr, "Invalid test count: %s.\n", argv[1]);
   exit (1);

char *envval = getenv ("GMP_CHECK_REPFACTOR");
long repfactor = strtol (envval, &end, 0);
if (*end || repfactor <= 0)
   fprintf (stderr, "Invalid repfactor: %ld.\n", repfactor);
   exit (1);

The first excerpt tries to parse "argv[1]" into "count". If it fails 
"argv[1]" is printed. The second excerpt tries to do exactly the same 
for "envval". But there was a little error in gmp-5.0.1:
    fprintf (stderr, "Invalid repfactor: %s.\n", repfactor);
It was changed in gmp-5.0.2 to
    fprintf (stderr, "Invalid repfactor: %ld.\n", repfactor);
instead of
    fprintf (stderr, "Invalid repfactor: %s.\n", envval);

So now it outputs the meaningless "repfactor" instead of the string for 
which parsing failed. If this ever fails, the user doesn't get a very 
helpful explanation of the problem.


On 07.10.2011 18:44, Marco Trudel wrote:
> Dear all
> This has been wrong in gmp-5.0.1 [1] and has been fixed the wrong way
> for gmp-5.0.2 [2]. I guess it makes more sense to have it the same way
> as the test count evaluation just above it (the information is in
> "envval", not in the meaningless "repfactor").
> Hope that's correct and helps
> Marco
> [1] fprintf (stderr, "Invalid repfactor: %s.\n", repfactor);
> [2] fprintf (stderr, "Invalid repfactor: %ld.\n", repfactor);

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