2 documentation bugs (5.0.2)

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Thu Nov 24 21:19:35 CET 2011

Tim Van Holder <tim.vanholder at anubex.com> writes:

  First off, a small typo in the "10.1 Formatted Output Strings" topic: "The
  precision field has it's usual meaning" - that should be "its", not "it's".

  This "%Ff only prints 6 decimals (with rounding)" behaviour is not
  documented (at least not in any obvious location) and led to unpleasant
  surprises in our application (1).
  Could this restriction be documented? Or, if this is not intended
  behaviour, could this be fixed?
This is inherited from libc's printf.  I agree we should document it.

We document that using a "." without any explicit precision yields all
significant digits.  This is not how libc's printf works, which works as
if 0 was given.  We are incomptible for very good reasons, since libc's
default is silly.


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