Failure of 't-fat' test in 'make check' in version 5.0.2 ...

Richard Walsh Richard.Walsh at
Tue Nov 8 00:04:16 CET 2011


Not a MAC ... nope this is the head node of a SGI ICE cluster
with an Intel Nehalem processor.  The compiler is:

service1:/share/apps/gmp/5.0.2/build # icc -V
Intel(R) C Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20101006
Copyright (C) 1985-2010 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

The code makes cleanly.  We build everything in 64-bit by default.
This is an HPC Center sight.  The actual message from the 'make check'
output is:

PASS: t-asmtype
PASS: t-aors_1
PASS: t-divrem_1
/bin/sh: line 5: 20756 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ${dir}$tst
FAIL: t-fat
PASS: t-get_d
PASS: t-instrument
PASS: t-iord_u
PASS: t-mp_bases

Any further thoughts ... I see that this error has come up before
with gcc and patches have been provided to yield a fix.  Also, I
have seen that --disable=static has been suggested.


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From: Marc Glisse [marc.glisse at]
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Subject: Re: Failure of 't-fat' test in 'make check'  in version 5.0.2 ...

On Mon, 7 Nov 2011, Richard Walsh wrote:

> I am building the latest release of GMP (5.0.2) using the Intel compilers
> and get a 'make check' failure on the t-fat test.  Here is my configure line:
> ./configure CC=icc CXX=icpc F77=ifort FC=ifort ABI=64 CFLAGS=-m64 --prefix=/share/apps/gmp/5.0.2 --enable-cxx
> Any suggestions?  The '-m64' flag is the same an gcc's '-arch=x86_64'.

My crystal ball tells me you are using a Mac (looking for trouble, aren't
you?). And Intel's compiler generates 32bit code by default? Not sure what
kind of failure you got exactly.

Marc Glisse


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