GNU gmp--build and corruption bugs--Ubuntu 11.04, c++

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Jul 3 23:58:04 CEST 2011

Josh Marshall <joshua.r.marshall.1991 at> writes:

      First, the build bug occurred when I tried to install gmp 5.0.2 from
  source at the final install cli step, "sudo make install".  When I looked
  through the output, I noticed that at some point that because one of the
  directories in the install path had a space, it did not correctly recognize
  the escape sequence, and broke off after the first space, which then
  referred to a directory which did not exist and the installation failed.
Spaces in file names or directory names is a no-no under Unix.  We are
not going to even try to make that work with GMP, since such an attempt
will surely be quite futile.

       The second bug I think is more complex.  I'm making a proof of concept
  program for a compression algorithm which reads in a whole file as a single
  number, then uses primes to shrink it down.  Every time I run the program,
  different primes are indicated as being important and relevant to shrinking
  the number as divisors with no remainder.  I've tried using the program on
  filed which are larger than 1MB, but my machine takes too long to load it
  into RAM as a single number--this is not the issue.  The issue is that it
  appears that the number is somehow corrupted each time its read in.  I have
  source of the program which causes this issue attached to this email.  The
  cli commands I use to build the program are: "g++ ~/Ubuntu\
  One/research/oppf/v1.cpp -lgmp -lgmpxx -std=c++0x"  and " ./a.out
  /home/anadon/Downloads/CIS\ 255\ MTE\ REVIEW\ 2\ by\ WEIRAUCH.docx".
We can only wish you luck with debugging your program!

  ./configfsf.guess requires sudo permissions, then cannot be found to run.
Is this the bug being reported?  In that case, you need to give a few
more detail on what the symptoms are.


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