make no rule to make target 'mpn/..'

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Feb 27 10:11:13 CET 2011

Kyle Grieb <grieb.kyle at> writes:

  Using latest development sources from repository.
  Definitions in Makefile for 'mpn_objects' and 'mpn_objects_in_libgmp'
  are missing '$U'. Not exactly sure where '$U' comes from, configure has
  it defined as null.  While searching, other 'config.log's show '$U' set
  for all strings in same definitions.
Did you find a 'configure' in the repository?  It should not be there,
and I indeed cannot find it.

Or are you reporting a problem with a 'configure' you generated locally?
If that process failed, you need to debug it locally.

An alternative to the repository is to get a snapshot linked to via the
GMP developers' corner.


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