AIX/xlc test failures for gmp-5.0.1

Paul Zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Sun Nov 28 09:50:22 CET 2010

> >   OK, now I am able to see the same error as you do.  I have not attempted
> >   to track this down, and I will probably not have time do do that in a
> >   while.
> >   
> > I gave it a go this evening.
> > 
> > If somebody wants to help isolating this problem, it might be best done
> > by adding lots of print statements, hoping that they will not make the
> > compiler work better (which unfortunately is not unlikely).  Then
> > compile the code on a non-problem system (or with gcc on the same
> > system) and run them side-by-side, comparing the printed results.

I agree with Torbjörn it is most likely a compiler bug. Peter did also report
a problem with MPFR on the same platform, which turned out to be a compiler
bug. (By the way, Peter, you might also try without optimization.)


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