Visual C++ 2008 EE library installation instructions

Allan J Mui tbq3eu9ho at
Sat Nov 27 13:54:18 CET 2010

     When I install openssl-0.9.8p built with zlib version 1.2.5 and gmp
5.0.1 (compiled with mingw) the openssl gmp engine module raises a
warning that causes the build to stop due to the compilation flag `/WX'
(treat warnings as errors). I can workaround this by simply compiling
the single module without `/WX' but I wonder if the gmp header source
code can be fixed so the Visual C++ 2008 EE compiler does not raise a
warning in the first place?  Then when I try to run the successfully
built openssl executable it complains about `libgmp-3.dll.dll' being
missing. I found that the output definitions file `libgmp-3.dll.def'
should be renamed to `libgmp-10.def'. (In other words, take the `dll'
out of the name and use the actual version number of the built dll.)
Then you must type the commands: 
"cd .libs 
 lib /MACHINE:(xxxx)/def:libgmp-10.def /out:libgmp-10.dll.lib" . In my
 case the value of `xxxx' above is `x86'.  This differs from the
 installation manual slightly but it works.  The good news is that all
 RSA-related tests passed in Openssl. (Openssl only uses gmp for
 RSA-cipher efficiency AFAIK.)

Allan J. Mui AIEEE

ps: I also tried creating a precompiled header containing `gmp.h' which
did suppress the warning message but I don't recommend this approach to
anybody. I consider it to be unnecessary and too inflexible.
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